Single Review: Avril Lavigne – Head Above Water

avril lavigne head above water

Avril Lavigne keeps her ‘Head Above Water’ on new single
It is a big day for Avril Lavigne and her fans. The Canadian pop star who had countless hits between 2002 and 2013, finally made her comeback. She released a self titled album five years ago, but ever since things got quiet. Earlier this week, we celebrated the upcoming return of Avril with a list of her 12 best singles so far and now it is time to talk about comeback single ‘Head Above Water’. The track is chosen as the lead single for her upcoming sixth studio album and it is a return to form in the best possible way!

On Avril’s 2013 album, we heard her trying to get in on some trends, sometimes having to compromise the sound that made her popular and suits her as an artist. ‘Head Above Water’ does none of all that, although it does break with her pattern of releasing an uptempo tune as first single. It is an unmistakable Avril Lavigne power ballad! The track starts out with just piano and Avril’s voice and the verse already serves a strong hook from the get go. The chorus is a powerful affair with Lavigne belting for her life over a soft rock instrumentation. The lyrics are all about the tough time she had in the past few years, battling lyme disease and going through a divorce. Although ‘Head Above Water’ sonically could have fit in with one of her earlier albums, it does not sound out of place in 2018 earlier. It is hard to predict what Avril will be able to achieve charts wise after a five year absence, but we are rooting for her. ‘Head Above Water’ is exactly the personal, powerful comeback single I needed from her!

Update: Lavigne premiered the gorgeous music video for ‘Head Above Water’. Avril runs around in a stunning white dress over cliffs with ocean view. The visuals work perfectly with the theme of the song. She also performed the track flawlessly live for the first time at Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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