Single Review: Robyn – Honey

robyn honey

Robyn shares title track of upcoming album Honey
After roughly a 10 year wait, Robyn finally returned this summer with her stunning single ‘Missing U’. Things are finally set in motion now that she announced the release of her upcoming (9 track, but we will take it) album Honey. The record will come out on the 26th of October and to make the wait just a tad more bearable, the Swedish pop icon shared the title track with us today!

For people who have followed Robyn’s career closely, or the observant viewers of HBO’s Girls, ‘Honey’ is not a completely new track. The demo version of the song appeared in the last season of the series, which made fans go wild on Twitter, starting the hashtag #ReleaseHoneyDammit. The final version is not exactly new ground for Robyn, but more of a perfection of her sound. The track packs some great hooks and balances the bitter sweet and melancholic with the catchy and danceable. ‘Honey’ is carried by a deep beat while the flourishing melodies make for the lighter touches. I sure would not mind if the song turns out the be the blueprint for the sound of the rest of the album. I guess we will find out in a month from now!

The release on Spotify comes in a single edit and album version.

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