Single Review: Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper – Shallow

lady gaga a star is born

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper duet on first A Star Is Born single
After already receiving high praise from the critics, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are sharing their movie A Star Is Born with the public from the 4th of October on. Cooper stars in the movie that he also directed and for Gaga it is her first main role in a movie (after already winning a Golden Globe for her acting in tv series American Horror Story). The remake of the movie about an aspiring pop star who gets mentored by a seasoned musician battling addiction, of course comes with a soundtrack full of music by Gaga and Cooper. The first single taken from the record is titled ‘Shallow’ and it is out now!

‘Shallow’ is one of a handful of duets that Gaga and Cooper perform in the movie. As Cooper’s character in the movie is a country musician, this is the sound they went for on the soundtrack as well. ‘Shallow’ is a country ballad that kicks off with a verse performed by Cooper, while Lady Gaga takes over before the chorus hits for the first time. And that chorus is a big one! Gaga goes all out vocally and belts like there is no tomorrow. It is an emotional song about jumping in the deep end that will probably make even more sense hearing it in the context of the movie. At the same time it is a good song for both to show off their vocals, because who would have thought that Bradley Cooper could sing like that! It is interesting to hear that ‘Shallow’ (and probably the rest of the soundtrack too) is not that far off from the sound that Gaga explored on her most recent LP Joanne. The track fits her voice like a glove and I can’t wait to hear more!

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