Single Review: Jess Glynne – 123

jess glynne always in between

Jess Glynne drops third track of upcoming second album
Jess Glynne, the queen of UK number 1 hits, is in the midst of promoting her upcoming second album Always In Between, out on the 12th of October. The campaign was off to a good start with the (quite baffling) number 1 hit ‘I’ll Be There’, while follow up ‘All I Am’ peaked at number 11 in the UK so far. Now she serves us another taste of the album with the new track ‘123’!

Now Jess Glynne has been quite the vanilla pop star from the get go, but her recent output has been rather bland. It is all catchy and radiofriendly, but I don’t hear the passion or fire that were more present in hit singles like ‘Hold My Hand’ and ‘Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself’. ‘123’ is a bit of a change of pace with a laidback production, built around subtly swinging horns. Glynne sounds like she is having fun on the tune, but it is a shame the lyrics (especially in the chorus) are so simple and unexciting, it almost hurts. Glynne is still enjoying major success, but I sure hope her album will serve us something with a bit more flavour.


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