Single Review: Jessie Ware – Overtime

jessie ware overtime

Jessie Ware back on new label with new sound
Jessie Ware has made some big changes in her career lately. It is not even a year ago that she dropped her most recent album Glasshouse, but after the tour for this record, Ware took a little break to think things over. The British singer and songwriter parted ways with Universal as a label and signed with Virgin EMI. In an email letter to her fans she explains that an album won’t follow straight away, but that she wants to give us a taste of what is to come with new track ‘Overtime’. She goes full on dance diva for this one!

The deep beats and 90s inspired sound of ‘Overtime’ are quite the departure from the laidback and ballad heavy content of Glasshouse, but it certainly is not completely new ground for her. We caught a glimpse of Jessie’s dance diva side before when she dropped the single ‘Imagine It Was Us’ back in 2013. Ever since I have always wanted her to return to these beat driven, 90s inspired tunes with hooks for days and that is exactly what ‘Overtime’ serves. The track was produced by long time collaborator James Ford with the help of electronic music duo Bicep, who turn the 90s vibes into something current with almost futuristic sounding touches. The track serves a pre-chorus, an actual chorus and a post-chorus and they all deliver new hooks and vocal twists. The whispering in the post-chorus is sensual and the whole track is just very, very sexy. Only Jessie Ware can pull off something that is so danceable, seductive and laidback all at the same time. If ‘Overtime’ is anything to go by (and the email letter makes it sound like it is), this era is going to be rather exciting!

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