Single Review: Mariah Carey – With You

Mariah Carey drops romantic ballad as new single
Mariah Carey launched an impressive return to form last month with the just as infectious as feisty track ‘GTFO’. She immediately let us know that it was not the official lead single of her upcoming new album, expected later this year, but merely a promo track. The actual lead single ‘With You’ is out now!

On ‘With You’, Mariah stays true to the R&B sound of her most recent albums. It is a romantic ballad about overcoming difficult periods in a relationship and realizing that as long as you are still very much in love with each other, you can work it out. Mariah’s iconic vocals sound warm and sultry and the note she hits when she sings ‘Yoooo, I’ve been loving you so long’ in the pre-chorus is heavenly! Personally I would probably have pushed ‘GTFO’ as the actual single as it is just a tad more instant and memorable on first listen, but both songs are better than anything Mariah has released in a good while. Bring on the album please, Mimi!

Update: Mariah released the black and white video for ‘With You’ with a whole lot of shots of her looking absolutely stunning. That bodysuit!

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