Single Review: Alessia Cara – Trust My Lonely

alessia cara trust my lonely

Alessia Cara ends unhealthy relationship on new single
Although Alessia Cara postponed the release of her upcoming sophomore album The Pains of Growing a bit, she continues teasing the record with a brand new single. Earlier this year she returned with the lead single ‘Growing Pains’ and followed it up with the intimate and stripped back buzz track ‘A Little More’. Now it is time for ‘Trust My Lonely’, easily the best track of the campaign so far.

Alessia Cara discusses the end of a toxic relationship on ‘Trust My Lonely’, but she does not do so on a heavy ballad. She chose a breezy, laidback, almost tropical production with a fresh sounding breakdown at the end of the chorus. The melodies are incredibly catchy and Alessia’s delivery is effortlessly cool. “Go get your praise from someone else, you did a number on my health”, she sings to an ex lover who is no longer welcome anywhere near her life. “I can do better alone”, she concludes this little declaration of independence. Alessia Cara keeps the sunshine coming through our speakers!

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