Single Review: Sigrid – Sucker Punch

sigrid sucker punch

Sigrid hits us with a ‘Sucker Punch’ on new single
Sigrid’s tracks ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ and ‘Plot Twist’ from last year gave her the reputation of one of the most promising new artists for 2018 out there. The Norwegian pop artist proved the ones that believed in her right when her single ‘Strangers’ became an international hit. This year she kept us busy by releasing the tracks of her Raw EP one by one. Now that this project is done and dealt with, Sigrid might just have started the campaign for her official debut LP with lead single ‘Sucker Punch’.

Although the Raw EP consisted of some more than decent uptempos (with ‘High Five’ as a personal favourite) and beautiful ballads, nothing really matched the pop brilliance of her breakthrough singles. She is fully back in the game with ‘Sucker Punch’ though. That chorus is incredibly instant. I am not sure yet if it sounds so familiar because it reminds me of another song’s melody or if the hook is so strong it just settles in the mind straightaway. Either way, Sigrid’s delivery is punchy and full of attitude as always and the production is slightly more adventurous than most of her previous work. The middle-eight leading into the final chorus is such a moment! This is her best chance at another international hit since ‘Strangers’!

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