Single Review: Astrid S – Emotion

Astrid S emotion

Astrid S returns to pop with ‘Emotion’
It has been a while since we heard anything from Norwegian pop star Astrid S. She released her Party’s Over in 2017, followed by the one off single ‘Think Before I Talk’. Astrid took a little break from the public eye and focused on new music of which we get to hear the first result today! She just dropped the brand new single ‘Emotion’!

‘Emotion’ is the result of one of the writing sessions Astrid had with hit composers and producers Ali Payami (Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Katy Perry) and Jacob Jerlström (Tove Lo, Lorde). Not surprisingly, ‘Emotion’ sounds like an absolute hit! The hooks are undeniable and the production has a noughties retro vibe going on, while at the same time sounding fresh and unique. The drums, the beats and the insanely catchy whistling, it is all so well executed. Lyrically, Astrid ensures different people in her life that she is only human and has emotions too. How many more perfect pop tunes does Astrid need to deliver before she finally has her deserved international smash hit or is this going to be the one? I swear I will have some negative emotions to deal with if this track slips under the radar!

Update: Astrid travelled to Iceland to fight herself in a stunning music video.

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