Single Review: Lauren Jauregui – Expectations

lauren jauregui expectations

Lauren Jauregui shows off her vocals on solo debut
Just one day after the double surprise release of her former band mate Normani, Lauren Jauregui properly launches her solo career too. The Fifth Harmony star appeared on singles by Halsey and Steve Aoki, but is now ready to do it all on her own. She wrote her debut single ‘Expectations’ herself and is about to show her powerful vocals off to the world without hesitation!

Where Normani, Dinah Jane and Camila Cabello all went in a mostly uptempo direction, Lauren does the exact opposite. She and her team decided to launch the big, soulful ballad ‘Expectations’ first. The track describes the struggles you go through, expecting things from your lover that they might not be able to live up to and the other way around. The chorus has a vivacious melody and Lauren shows herself to be an absolute vocal powerhouse! ‘Expectations’ might not be the most trendy lead single out of what the Fifth Harmony girls have released so far, but arguably the most personal though!


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  1. No! Camila Cabello released the first most personal hit song called -‘ I Have Questions’ and in my opinion, is one of her greatest songs… black and white, slow, and hauntingly beautiful.

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