Single Review: Olly Murs – Take Your Love

olly murs take your love

Olly Murs treats fans to instant pre-order release
Olly Murs started his new era last month with the release of his latest single ‘Moves’ featuring Snoop Dogg and penned by Ed Sheeran. His new album You Know I Know will see the light of day on the 9th of November and will consist of two discs; one with his greatest hits and one with new material. To persuade people to pre-order, there is now an instant download of an album track available; ‘Take Your Love’. On this track Murs shows that the tropical bop still is not dead. ‘Take Your Love’ might be far from original, but who cares when it is so well executed!? The piano-based pre-chorus is massive and so is the actual chorus. Even the beatdrop afterwards is enjoyably catchy! In the lyrics Murs talks about being in love with a girl who is with a guy that does not treat her well enough. “He don’t know about me, but he’s gonna know when I take your love away”, he confidently states over a slick production and undeniable hook. Am I the only one who would have rather had this track as comeback single over ‘Moves’?

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