Single Review: Hellberg & Leona Lewis – Headlights

leona lewis headlights hellberg

Hellberg works with Leona Lewis on new single ‘Headlights’
It has been way too long since we last saw Leona Lewis in the upper regions of the charts. The British X Factor star who had a massive hit with ‘Bleeding Love’ back in 2007 went through a decline of sales and radio success with each album that followed, except for her Christmas release. Her most recent record I Am was released back in 2015 so it is about time for some new material. Now this is not the start of her next album cycle, but she collaborated with Swedish producer Hellberg on his single ‘Headlights’.

Hellberg from Stockholm is only 24 years old, but has been around in the dance scene for a couple of years now. He is aiming for a chart hit with the new single, judging by the instantly catchy chorus and trendy production. Leona’s soaring vocals fit well with the track and makes me believe she might be able to put herself back on the map if she can get some more high profile collaborations in the same genre. The hooks on ‘Headlines’ are strong from verses to pre-chorus to chorus to middle-eight. The lyrics about a dysfunctional relationship we have heard before and the same goes for the production, but that is not necessarily a problem when it is all executed well. ‘Headlights’ is a cute bop with gorgeous vocals and let us pray that this track will become a hit of some sort, because we need those gorgeous vocals back in our lives.

Hellberg already premiered the music video which is an enjoyable watch although naming the car ‘Leona’ was certainly a choice…

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