Single Review: Eleni Foureira – Tómame

eleni foureira tomame

Eleni Foureira sticks to successful formula on new single
Eleni Foureira’s performance on the Eurovision stage changed the course of her career. The pop star represented Cyprus with the tune ‘Fuego’ and although she was not one of the favourites before the rehearsals started, she managed to burn the house down (pun intended) and finish as a runner-up. After the contest, ‘Fuego’ became a hit in numerous European countries. It is safe to say that her team did not anticipate the impact of ‘Fuego’ as they did not have a follow up ready soon enough. The swinging track ‘Caramela’ was released as a placeholder at the end of the summer until the proper follow up for ‘Fuego’ was ready. It is here now and it is titled ‘Tómame’.

Foureira sticks to the successful formula of ‘Fuego’ by releasing another partly Spanish trendy bop. ‘Tómame’ leans a bit more towards a reggaeton rhythm and has a drop just as catchy as its predecessor did. Lyricaly however, ‘Tómame’ is a bit cringy at times with lines like ‘cool like cola in the freezer’, ‘be part of my la vida’ and ‘hot like the summer in Antigua’. Now I know exactly zero people will listen to this track for its moving lyrics, but when the awkwardly forced rhymes distract from the tune, we have a problem. ‘Tómame’ is living on the edge, but is infectious enough to get away with it.

Of course Eleni Foureira serves some risky looks, killer choreography and serious star power in the video. Her charisma on camera sure played a crucial role in her coming so close to the win at Eurovision. If Eleni and her team had released ‘Tómame’ about three months ago, I would have been more hopeful for her chances of having another international hit, but I am positive Cyprus, Greece and Eurovision fans will bop to this!

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