Single Review: Hailee Steinfeld – Back To Life

hailee steinfeld back to life

Hailee Steinfeld drops soundtrack for her own movie Bumblebee
For Hailee Steinfeld, being an actress and a pop star goes hand in hand. She appeared in in movies like Begin Again and the Pitch Perfect series as well as their soundtracks. She is starring as one of the leading roles in the new Transformers spin off movie Bumblebee and she recorded the soundtrack too. The track is titled ‘Back To Life’ and was released today!

Hailee Steinfeld had her best pop moment so far (if you ask me at least) earlier this year when she recorded the track ‘Capital Letters’ with producer Bloodpop for the soundtrack of Fifty Shades Freed. ‘Back To Life’ has got a similar vibe; it is synth pop at its best with a slick production, contemporary vibe and an instant chorus. On paper it has all the makings of a radio hit, but if that was the case ‘Capital Letters’ would obviously have been a number 1. At least Hailee has found a style that matches her poppy vocals. Now an album please!

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