Single Review: Katy Perry – Waving Through A Window

Katy Perry Waving Through A Window

Katy Perry dips toe in musical theatre on special cover
Katy Perry the pop star was on a bit of a break after her most recent album Witness did not match the success of its predecessors. The record came out in the spring of 2017 and after a world tour, Perry disappeared from the public eye for a while. She breaks the silence today with a new recording close to her heart. She covers the song ‘Waving Through A Window’, taken from the successful Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen.

On social media Katy Perry explained the birth of her version of the song: “…I saw Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway, and was emotionally transformed forever. In my own life, I’ve struggled with depression, and like so many, always feeling alone in the battle of wanting to belong. That night, I was particularly struck by the song ‘Waving Through A Window’. It embodied the mental isolation I sometimes fought. So when my friends Benj Pasek and Justin Paul came to me and asked if I would like to re-record this song, not only to help launch the national tour, but to continue the conversation on mental health and all its complexities, I jumped right in.”

It is not hard to hear that Katy feels a strong connection to the song. She delivers one of her most powerful and at the same time fragile vocal performances of her career here. She sounds great hitting the big notes in the mid tempo belter and she makes you feel every single word she sings.  I would love to hear her perform this live!

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