Single Review: Little Mix – Told You So

little mix lm5

Little Mix drop stripped back track week before album
The girls of Little Mix are in full promotion mode for their upcoming fifth album, appropriately titled LM5. The record will come out on the 16th of November (in just a week from now!). After decent but predictable lead single ‘Woman Like Me’ and somewhat more adventurous promo single ‘Joan of Arc’, the girls already unleash another tune. This time around they go for a stripped back ballad. The acoustic guitar based track is an important one for the girls. On Instagram they explained: “If there was a song on the album to define us it would be this one… true friendship. No matter what we’ll always look out for each other.” The lyrics are about friends helping each other out after a break up, even when they have already warned their friend that the guy they are with is no good for them. “We can put the kettle on, talk ’bout how he’s not the one. I told you, but I’m never gonna say I told you so”, they sing. It is a lovely little tune that shows off the friendship between the girls and what they stand for as a band!


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