Single Review: Lena – Thank You

lena thank you

Lena announces next album and drops new single
Lena breaks the silence! The German pop star who won Eurovision back in 2010 has been a busy bee ever since with album releases in 2011 , 2012 and 2015. After the last record she returned in 2017 with two new singles, but the announcement of the album Gemini was never followed through. The album Lena announced this weekend is titled Only Love, L and will be released early next year. First single ‘Thank You’ is out now!

Ever since her debut, Lena has been slowly, but steadily moving towards a more electronic pop sound and ‘Thank You’, co-written by Jess Glynne, certainly is no exception. She graces us with a straightforward uptempo pop tune with a message for people that have done her wrong. The song is said to be an answer to her online haters, but also works well being interpreted as a break up anthem. Instead of being bitter about it, she thanks said people for knocking her down as it only made her stronger in the long run. The production is certainly contemporary with some hints of the tropibop trend. Lena however always puts her own twist on trends with her unique vocal style and insanely catchy songwriting. This time around, we get not one, but two chorus worthy melody lines. The ‘I am stronger now, I am wiser now’ lines are a massive hook. Lena still has got what it takes to melt our little pop hearts!

2 thoughts on “Single Review: Lena – Thank You

  1. I can follow you concerning the music but you totally misinterpreted the lyrics:
    It’s not about an “ex lover” but about haters in the social media! 🙂
    Anyway, it is a great song!

    • Thanks for your reply! I totally heard a break up anthem in this, but it being about online haters makes total sense! It’s great when lyrics can apply to different situations! 🙂

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