Single Review: Gabrielle Aplin – My Mistake

gabrielle aplin my mistake

Gabrielle Aplin is brutally honest on new single ‘My Mistake’
2019 is supposed to be a big year for Gabrielle Aplin. The British singer-songwriter is planning the release of her third album and just kicked off promotion with the surprising lead single ‘My Mistake’. Aplin had her big break in 2012 with a cover of ‘The Power of Love’ and dropped her debut album English Rain the year after. In 2015 she returned with a more rock inspired sound on sophomore album Light Up The Dark. On the EP Avalon, released in 2017, she explored a more electronic pop sound with the stunning single ‘Waking Up Slow’ as a result. With the new song ‘My Mistake’ she returns to her piano based roots.

Aplin described the song as the moment she was forced to be ‘brutally honest’ in her lyrics. While she was scheduled to have a writing session with people she had not met before, she decided she could not do it today and wrote ‘My Mistake’ about ‘owning feeling awful’. Sonically the song goes back to her singer-songwriter beginnings; a ballad based on just piano with some strings thrown in towards the climax. The melodies are beautiful and instant, while the painfully honest lyrics, in which Aplin faces her insecurities and darkest moments, take centre stage from start to finish. Her vocals are full of emotion and make the pain in the lyrics hit the listener with even more power. ‘My Mistake’ is a brave single choice, with some devastating emotional power and a strangely soothing quality all at the same time. Gabrielle Aplin is back!

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