Single Review: Loïc Nottet – On Fire

loic nottet on fire

Loïc Nottet stays true to bombastic pop sound on new single
Loïc Nottet had a productive year in 2017, but we had not heard much of him in 2018 so far. His debut album was released early last year and he already came back at the end of the year with Halloween themed single ‘Doctor’ and ‘Go To Sleep’ for the Christmas holidays. Almost a year later, he returns with the brand new track ‘On Fire’. It has not yet been confirmed if the track should be seen as the first single of his sophomore album, but one can hope, because this sounds promising!

Loïc Nottet is known to be a big fan of Sia and shaped a similar soundscape for himself with electronic pop productions with expressive vocals and bombastic choruses. ‘On Fire’ is no exception to that rule with an instantly memorable hook and a straightforward pop production. In comparison to its two seasonal predecessors, ‘On Fire’ sure is easier on the ear and therefore more radiofriendly. The meaning behind the song is all about overcoming challenges, ignoring the negative stuff that people throw at you and rise above it. Vocally, Nottet impresses as always and shows off the higher register of his vocals in the post-chorus. His voice is incredibly powerful and sounds like no other recording artist out there. ‘On Fire’ deserves to be Nottet’s return to the higher regions of the charts, at least in Belgium and France!


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