Single Review: Nina Nesbitt – Colder

nina nesbitt colder

Nina Nesbitt describes journey of heartbreak on new single ‘Colder
Nina Nesbitt is preparing the release of her sophomore album The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change on the 1st of February. The British singer-songwriter has been dropping new tracks every few months in the last two years and these will all have a place on that album. To make it easy for us, she decided to put an EP on Spotify with the release of her brand new single Colder that also contains her recent tracks ‘Loyal To Me’ (one of the best pop tunes of the year by the way), the title track, ‘Somebody Special’, ‘The Best You Had’ and ‘The Moments I’m Missing’. ‘Colder’ is definitely one of the strongest ones so far.

Nesbitt worked with producer Fraser T Smith and songwriter Gemini on ‘Colder’, which is a midtempo tune with an infectious little chorus. In the lyrics Nesbitt describes how she has got a little colder over the years, thanks to the heartbreaks she has experienced. “When you’re young and you get your heart broken and he leaves the scars open. When you can’t believe it’s over, that’s when you get a little colder”, she sings over a soaring melody. ‘Colder’ is the perfect follow up to ‘Loyal To Me’ which advised girls on when not to trust a man you are dating. ‘Colder’ deals with the heartbreak that follows after the realization that a guy was not loyal to you. We stan a consistent pop star who tells us a story in her bops!

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