Single Review: Ariana Grande – Imagine

Ariana Grande drops new track ‘Imagine’
There is no stopping Ariana Grande. With several hits and successful album Sweetener already under her belt this year, she was quick to kick off the next album cycle with the unannounced single ‘Thank u, next‘. While that track is still breaking records (it now is the most streamed track by a female artist ever) Ariana is already onto the next release. She told her fans that she wanted to get the next record out before the end of the year, but as she is not able to do so, she shares with us a new song titled ‘Imagine’.

On social media she shared that all tracks on the new record reflect on her past relationships. According to Ariana, ‘Imagine’ is the denial to the acceptance that ‘Thank u, next’ represented. Grande creates a perfect world for her and her lover on the sultry midtempo track that mixes soulful vocals with hiphop influences in the production. While the lyrics make clear that Ariana realizes that what she wants to create with her lover is impossible, the main hook is uplifting with a glorious melody. After the chorus hit for the second time, the track slightly changes pace and Ariana goes all in with some vocal acrobatics. She hits insane whistle notes which make the climax of the track simply divine. Miss Ariana Grande is playing her own game, dropping tracks when she feels like it and she simply can do no wrong. A lot of pop stars would kill to do in 10 years what Ariana did in 2018.

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