Single Review: Sam Smith – Fire On Fire

sam smith fire on fire

Sam Smith drops soundtrack for Watership Down
Sam Smith did not release an album this year, but he still managed to have a massive hit. The British singer and songwriter dropped his sophomore record The Thrill Of It All in 2017 and returned to the top of the charts with the house inspired Calvin Harris collaboration ‘Promises’. Just before the end of 2018, he treats us to some more new music. For the soundtrack of the animated mini series Watership Down (available on BBC on the 22nd of December and internationally on Netflix the day after), he recorded the song ‘Fire On Fire’. It is safe to say that ‘Fire On Fire’ is exactly what you would expect a Sam Smith soundtrack song to sound like. Together with Steve Mac, he created a sweeping ballad with lyrics so sweet it almost gives you a sugar rush. His emotive vocal delivery and the big melodies prevent the tune from becoming too cheesy. In the music video we already see that the cinematic ballad goes well with the dark vibe of the tale of the rabbits in the series. More proof that Smith’s sound is perfectly suitable for dramatic soundtracks!

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