Single Review: Lauren Jauregui – More Than That

Lauren Jauregui turns to R&B on new track
After a couple of high profile collaborations, Lauren Jauregui finally released her proper debut single ‘Expectations’ in October last year. The former Fifth Harmony star wants to keep things going and drops another new track also taken from her upcoming debut album. The latest single is titled ‘More Than That’ and sounds more current, but does that automatically mean it stands a better chance of becoming a hit?

While Jauregui started off with a big soulful ballad, she now leans more towards contemporary R&B. While the track has a fresh sounding production, it pains me to say that it does lack in the hook department. Although ‘More Than That’ is an enjoyable listen, there is nothing about the tune that really sticks after it finishes. Having said that, her raspy tone is absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to hear what more she has to offer. I find it hard to believe that this track was the most suitable single material they could come up with.

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