Single Review: Saara Aalto – Let It Go

saara aalto let it go.jpg

Saara Aalto finally shares studio version of ‘Let It Go’
Finnish pop star Saara Aalto has strong ties to the Disney movie Frozen. After giving the character Anna a voice in the Finnish version of the movie, she performed the soundtrack ‘Let It Go’ (performed by Anna’s sister Elsa) during her first liveshow while participating in X Factor UK 2016. After representing Finland at Eurovision 2018 with the pop banger ‘Monsters’ and releasing the flawless album Wild, Wild Wonderland, Aalto is currently participating in the British television show Dancing On Ice. After surviving the first live show, she will do something that is never been done before during one of the shows of the ice dancing competition. She will sing live to her own version of ‘Let It Go’ while being on ice! I wish Saara the best of luck with that daunting task, while we finally get to enjoy her snow fairy like vocals on this iconic tune in studio version!


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