Single Review: Dua Lipa – Swan Song

dua lipa swan song

Dua Lipa recorded the soundtrack for the movie Alita: Battle Angel
Dua Lipa released her self titled debut album in 2017 and became one of the biggest stars on the planet soon after. In 2018 she kept busy dropping new tracks. She collaborated with Calvin Harris on ‘One Kiss’, recorded ‘Electricity with Silk City (Diplo and Mark Ronson), finally dropped the full version of ‘Want To’ and shared the ridiculously catchy ‘Kiss and Make Up’ with K-Pop girlband BLACKPINK. She collected all these tunes on a new ‘complete’ edition of her debut. She does not show any sign of slowing down in 2019 as she already releases another new single. Lipa recorded ‘Swan Song’ as soundtrack for the upcoming movie Alita: Battle Angel.

For Dua Lipa, ‘Swan Song’ is definitely a bit of a new direction. Sure, she still operates in the same beat heavy, contemporary pop universe, but the vibe is certainly different. Producers Mattman & Robin seem to have taken inspiration from Daft Punk’s work for The Weeknd (the single ‘Starboy’) as the beats and rhythm are similar. The chanting in the background, a well-known soundtrack touch, and overall dramatic progression of the song make it stand out enough on its own. Although Dua Lipa is mostly known for her smoky vocals with a somewhat laidback, almost nonchalant attitude, the drama in ‘Swan Song’ pushes her to belt out fiercely. Lipa has been criticized before for a lack of personality in her vocals and video performances, but with ‘Swan Song’ she proves the critics wrong in both aspects. She looks like she is ready to fight and she easily gets across the fierce attitude of the lyrics with her voice. If this movie becomes a success, Dua Lipa will sure be able to add ‘Swan Song’ to her long list of international hits!

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