Single Review: Kelly Rowland – Crown


Kelly Rowland follows up ‘Kelly’ with new single ‘Crown’
Five years after releasing her most recent album, Kelly Rowland made a surprising comeback at the end of 2018 with the single ‘Kelly’. On the cocky hiphop tune, we hear Kelly bragging about all the stuff she has. She hasn’t lost her confident attitude on the follow up, the brand new track ‘Crown’. In comparison to ‘Kelly’, the production on this swinging, upbeat R&B banger seems more inpsired by the noughties and that is totally fine because it goes off! ‘Crown’ is all about being proud of what you have got, with Kelly referring to her hair as her crown and encouraging others to see the beauty in their own appearance. Rowland announced in a recent interview that she will actually drop an album in 2019. We can always use more bangers like ‘Kelly’ and ‘Crown’!

For the video, Kelly lets children who are bullied because of the way their hair looks, speak their mind. The video is a collaboration with Dove.

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