Single Review: Kim Petras – 1,2,3 Dayz Up / Homework / If U Think About Me

kim petras 1 2 3 dayz up

Kim Petras drops three new tracks to finish first era
Kim Petras is about to finish the first era of her career without releasing an album. The Germany born and Los Angeles based pop star has been consistently dropping singles over the past two years, including irresistibly catchy pop tunes like ‘Heart To Break’ and ‘Hillside Boys’. For Halloween last year, she released her first EP Turn Off The Lights, Vol. 1 while she dropped the collaboration ‘Feeling of Falling’ with Cheat Codes soon after. The long string of digital singles, all with the same artwork in a different colour, is coming to an end with not one, but three new songs! She shares ‘1,2,3 Dayz Up’ featuring producer Sophie, ‘Homework’ featuring Lil Aaron and ‘If U Think About Me’.

Fans have been eagerly waiting to finally hear the collaboration Kim Petras and Sophie worked on and it is easily the strongest of the three new tracks. Sure, the chorus on ‘1,2,3 Dayz Up’ might be a bit basic and repetitive in terms of vocals and lyrics, but the production is impeccable. The electro-pop track properly goes off in the middle-eight. “Damn son, where’d you find this?” indeed! Kim delivers the vocals in the verses similar to Charli XCX’s signature style (who regularly works with Sophie too) while the lyrical content about partying and the overall vibe takes us back to the early days of Kesha’s career, with a 2019 update in the production of course! Not surprising as Dr. Luke is still credited amongst the producers on the new Petras tracks…

‘Homework’ with Lil Aaron serves a completely different sound. The track almost sounds like the debut single of a former Disney actress who cautiously tries out a bit of R&B with her pop. The lyrics about a person she was close to in high school before moving to Los Angeles (“You always let me copy your homework and I’ll never forget that”) are a bit cheesy, but overall it is a cute little bop. It comes nowhere near the highs of Petras’s discography, but we will tolerate it. ‘If U Think About Me…’ is a midtempo pop track with a big belter of a chorus. Generic? Yes. Good within its genre? It is! The lyrics are all about trying to get over an ex-lover, but still having to think about that person all the time. “Time is money, I ain’t got the time to buy a new heart of mine”, she sings. A great pop lyric!

Kim Petras announced on social media that the tree tracks mark the end of an era. I am excited to hear what is next and I would not mind her moving towards a bit more edgy electro pop for the next round!

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