Single Review: Avril Lavigne – Dumb Blonde (feat. Nicki Minaj)



Avril Lavigne teams up with Nicki Minaj for old school bop
Avril Lavigne is about to release her brand new album Head Above Water this week. The Canadian pop star returns after a long break and showed off a more understated and mature sound on the singles ‘Head Above Water’ and ‘Tell Me It’s Over’. Of course Avril is known for her outspoken uptempo tunes full of attitude too and that is exactly what she serves on ‘Dumb Blonde’. It actually sounds exactly like you would expect a collaboration by Avril and Nicki Minaj to do, but then inspired by Gwen Stefani in 2004. The chanting intro with the rolling drums immediately brings ‘Hollaback Girl’ to mind. The chorus however is typical Avril, be it with a more electronic production than the pop rock of her early days. The lyrics are of course predictable and I think everyone could have guessed at least three lines before hearing the song. Nicki’s verse is as uninspired as most of her recent work on pop singles. ‘Dumb Blonde’ is not going to be the hit that Avril needs at this stage in her comeback, but at least her fan base has some new material to bop to!

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