Single Review: Emma Bunton – Baby Please Don’t Stop

emma bunton baby please don't stop.jpg

Emma Bunton returns with classy slice of 60s inspired pop
Baby Spice is back! Yes, Emma Bunton just released her first solo material in about 12 years! The Spice Girl has three solo albums to her name of which the most recent one was released in 2006. Her fourth album My Happy Place will be seeing the light of day on the 12th of April and will consist mostly of covers, including a duet version of Spice Girls classic ‘2 Become 1’ with Robbie Williams. There is two new, original songs co-written by Emma on the record of which the first one, ‘Baby Please Don’t Stop’, was released as a single today!

Emma co-wrote ‘Baby Please Don’t Stop’ with help of Patrick Mascall and Paul Barry and is produced by Metrophonic. The result is a breezy, guitar-based pop track with clear influences from the 60s. The chorus is memorable on first listen and certainly does not get old by the sixth spin (yes, I went there). Emma herself sounds as sweet and angelic as ever, telling her lover not to stop. The simple, but infectiously upbeat and colourful music video perfectly captures the carefree vibe of the song. The quality of this comeback single makes me wish there was more than just two original new songs on the upcoming album!

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