Single Review: Marina – Superstar

Marina Love + Fear

Marina shares new track ‘Superstar’ of upcoming Love + Fear album
Marina made us wait four years for her return, but now that she is back, things are moving fast. Only a couple of weeks ago she released the gorgeous comeback single ‘Handmade Heaven’ and news about the album followed soon after. It is titled Love + Fear and has two sides with eight songs each. Today she shares the second track, titled ‘Superstar’. Marina fans who were waiting for a bop after slow jam ‘Handmade Heaven’ are in luck! ‘Superstar’ starts out with just a few seconds of piano, until a thick, deep bass beat takes over. She serves hooks for days, of which the bridge towards the chorus is actually the most satisfying. The chorus itself is a stripped back moment until the post-chorus drop kicks in. A lot of pop fans, including me, were over this trend about two years ago when almost every pop release had such a beat heavy breakdown, but Marina gets away with it by doing ridiculously high vocal acrobatics over it. Her voice is simply heavenly! Lyrically ‘Superstar’ is a simple love song, talking about how her lover is her ‘superstar’ and how they have come so far together. We love Marina’s sad bangers, but it is refreshing to hear her do an uplifting bop too!

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