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Ellie Goulding returns to roots on piano ballad ‘Flux’
British pop star Ellie Goulding just properly kicked off a new era in her career. When she discussed the process of creating her upcoming fourth album, she emphasized the fact she wrote most of the tracks on her own and it is her going back to her roots as an artist. Last year’s ‘Close To Me’ with Diplo and Swae Lee and last week’s soundtrack song ‘Do You Remember’ did not really show this off yet, but it now turns out that new track ‘Flux’ is actually the lead single for this record. The gorgeous ballad is basically a 180 degrees turn from the poppy sound of predecessor Delirium.

I am just going to say it. ‘Flux’ is the best work Ellie Goulding has put her name to since the release of the outstanding Halcyon album. The song is a completely stripped back affair with mostly piano and some strings tucked in the chorus. Ellie sounds more natural and emotive than she has done in a long while (the desparation in her voice in the post-chorus hits you right in the feels) and the lyrics are simply heartbreaking. Goulding explained the meaning behind the song on social media: “Flux is a song that I wrote entirely from the heart that seemed to capture how I felt about not ever being able to let go of a past love, even though it was over for a reason. … I think a lot of people have that one person they wonder what life would be like if things had worked out. How would we be living? Would I be the same person?” Those sentiments are indeed relatable and Ellie could not have worded it any better than the way she does on ‘Flux’. It is honest, raw, open and with a poetic quality she impressed us with on Halcyon. The melodies live up to the lyrics, making it into this sad tune you can’t stop playing.

In her statement on social media, Goulding also touched upon the pressure on performing artists to always be ‘OK’, which took a toll on her personal life. From here on out she wants to make a change for the better. ” I no longer wish to sugarcoat things and that honesty is the only way I can throw things out for good.” Please keep sharing with us, Ellie!

Ellie released a fitting black and white video of the song with her playing guitar in the pooring rain. Oh, the feels!

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  1. I strongly agree with your review over this wonderful song. I hope this era shows us more of her delicate, personal and emotional side. I can’t wait for more.

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