Single Review: Jonas Brothers – Sucker


Jonas Brothers reunite and release new single
The Jonas Brothers are back! Rumours have been going around for a few weeks now, but the brothers confirmed the news themselves in late February and decided to drop their new single right on the 1st of March! The boys haven’t released a studio record since 2009 and only came back briefly in 2013 with a live album released through their website. In the meantime, Nick focused on a solo career, while Joe became the leading man of pop band DNCE. For Kevin, this Jonas Brothers reunion marks the first time he releases music since they disbanded. Their comeback single is titled ‘Sucker’ and they dropped the video for it straight away too!

‘Sucker’ is an uncomplicated, funky bop with an insanely catchy chorus. This is about as instant as a chorus can get! The poppy sound seems to be a mixture of the sound of their previous material, influenced by Joe’s DNCE tracks, with a Maroon 5 vibe going on. Nick does the lead vocals, while Joe takes on the pre-chorus parts. The track is produced by Ryan Tedder and Frank Dukes, who co-wrote the track as well with Nick, Joe and Louis Bell. ‘Sucker’ is a simple love song in which the brothers admit to be head over heels in love with their significant others. Also props for using the word ‘subliminal’ in a pop chorus and making it sound catchy too!

The brothers recorded an over the top music video, directed by Anthony Mandler, in which their real life partners, Priyanka Chopra (Nick’s wife), Sophie Turner (Joe’s fiancee) and Danielle Jonas (Kevin’s wife), play a major role. The outfits are outrageous and the scenes surreal and everyone involved seems to be having heaps of fun!

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