Single Review: Ava Max – So Am I

ava max so am I.png

Ava Max releases follow up to number 1 hit ‘Sweet But Psycho’
Ava Max had her big break in the past few months when her single ‘Sweet But Psycho’ reached number 1 in the charts all around Europe. The track is still climbing in the USA too, but Ava and her team decided it was time to release a follow up. They chose the track ‘So Am I’ as next single and it is not hard to hear why. It is an understatement to say that the two tracks sound similar. The rhythm, production and even some of the melody lines sound alike, but then again, why change a winning method!? Lyrically ‘So Am I’ is an ode to everyone who feels like a misfit while growing up and Ava admits she is one of them. I think Ava Max can get away with releasing a single that sounds so similar to her break out hit this time, as it is just as catchy and infectious, but we hope she can shake things up for the next one!

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