Single Review: Emma Bunton – Too Many Teardrops

emma bunton too many teardrops

Emma Bunton releases another 60s inspired new single
Spice Girl Emma Bunton recently announced the release of her upcoming solo album My Happy Place, her first since 2006. Although the album mostly consists of covers, the lead single ‘Baby Please Don’t Stop’, released last month, is an original song with 60s influences. The only other tune Bunton co-wrote with Patrick Mascall and Paul Barry is out now too. It is titled ‘Too Many Teardrops’ and it has a similar sound to its predecessor. The 60s influences are even more apparent, being more string-driven this time around. The chorus is lush and Bunton’s sweet and soft vocal style is perfect for this sugary type of throwback. The track has a cinematic quality that begs to be used as a soundtrack for something set in the 60s. Well, maybe not a romantic comedy, as Bunton shows herself to be moving on from a failed relationship in the lyrics. Who would have thought that some vintage pop is exactly what we needed from Baby Spice!?

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