Eurovision 2019 Review: Malta – Michela Pace – Chameleon

michela pace chameleon

Malta sends fan favourite Michela Pace with ‘Chameleon’
Malta has the reputation of one of the smallest nations in Eurovision that takes the contest the most seriously. In the past four years however, they missed the final three times. Only Ira Losco managed to qualify in 2016 and reached a respectable 12th place with her ‘Walk On Water’. It is safe to say that Malta is ready for another success. X Factor Malta winner Michela Pace was selected as the candidate and as one of the last countries this year, they presented their entry ‘Chameleon’. The bookmakers currently predict a top 10 finish for Malta, but is that realistic?

Well, first of all, ‘Chameleon’ was written by some experienced Eurovision composers. Both Borislav Milanov and Joacim Persson worked on the track, who were also responsible for the Bulgarian entries of the past three years (of which two made top 5) and this time they received help from Paula Winger and Johan Alkaenas. ‘Chameleon’ is a proper bop with a modern production that seems to fit in the same category as the entries from Cyprus and Switzerland this year. As all three songs are reasonably strong in their genre, a lot will depend on the live performances. ‘Chameleon’ is an effective uptempo tune that is tailormade for Eurovision with a slick build up and an explosive last chorus with hooks in all the right places.

We know that Michela Pace is vocally strong, judging by the her performances on X Factor. A tune like ‘Chameleon’ will need a big production around her to make a proper impact, so we will have to wait and see how that will turn out. Judging on just the song and music video, I think Malta should not have any problems qualifying and could possibly finish on the left side of the scoreboard.

Review on semi-final performance:
Malta brought one of the most contemporary and upbeat tunes of the night with ‘Chameleon’. The song is insanely catchy and delivers hook after hook. A proper bop! The Maltese delegation came up with a playful and colourful staging that fits Michela’s youthful appearance. The choreography is slick and it all looks flawless. Vocally, things could be improved for Saturday, but I totally understand the nerves had an impact on such a young an mostly inexperienced performer. She thoroughly deserved the spot in the final though. Poor girl was announced as the last finalist and almost had a nervous breakdown, but she can now look forward to opening the grand final as she will be first up to perform! Welcome back to the final Malta!

Review on final performance and results:
Malta’s Michela almost seemed to have a nervous breakdown when she was announced as the last contestant proceeding to the big final from the second semi-final. The 18 years old singer should be proud of herself for bringing her country to the final and opening the show. Vocally, the nerves got to her more this time than during the semi, but she still gave a energetic performance with a youthful vibe. Personally I would have placed this absolute bop in the top 10, but the 14th position they reached is definitely nothing to be ashamed of!



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