Single Review: Gabrielle Aplin – Nothing Really Matters

Gabrielle Aplin returns with fresh new pop tune
Gabrielle Aplin has new music to share with us. The British singer-songwriter who has two studio albums and a handful of EPs to her name of which the beautiful Avalon was the most recent, kicked off a new project at the end of last year. She then shared the first taste of something new, which was the emotional ballad ‘My Mistake’. Aplin, who started making slightly more electronic, catchy pop music through the years, returned to her piano roots for that track, but now dives back into the world of the bops! Her new track is titled ‘Nothing Really Matters’ and it is one of the catchiest tunes she has ever put her name to. The production is very contemporary and is in line with what is out there on the radio these days, but Aplin manages to put her own spin on it. Her crisp vocal style is perfect for this type of uplifting pop track with an undeniable hook and swinging drop in the chorus. This was tailormade for pop radio success and we need that to happen!

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