Single Review: Kelly Clarkson – Broken & Beautiful

kelly clarkson broken & beautiful.jpg

Kelly Clarkson records anthem for soundtrack of movie Ugly Dolls
Kelly Clarkson is back with some new music after she released her most recent album Meaning Of Life at the end of 2017. She recorded ‘Broken & Beautiful’ for the soundtrack of the new animation movie UglyDolls. The track is produced by Marshmello and Steve Mac who also co-wrote it with Johnny McDaid and P!nk. The song is exactly what you would expect it to be; a basic belter with an uplifting message about self worth. “I’m broken and it’s beautiful”, Clarkson sings at the top of her lungs over a light, electronic pop production with a catchy, yet slightly repetitive chorus. This won’t go down in history as one of the highlights of any of the artists involved, but I am sure it will fit the movie and it is a nice surprise for the fans to have some new material. It is one of those songs you won’t admit you enjoy, but then loudly sing along to when it comes on when you’re alone. I may or may not have done it a couple of times myself already…

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