Single Review: The Veronicas – Think Of Me

The Veronicas return with comeback single ‘Think Of Me’
The Veronicas have kept us waiting long for new material yet again, but they are finally back. The Australian sisters who had international hits with songs like ‘Untouched’ and ‘When It All Falls Apart’, haven’t released new music for almost two years. They made a successful comeback in 2016 with the poptastic singles ‘In My Blood’ and ‘On Your Side’ and dropped‘The Only High’ the year after, but an album never came. The ladies are going to try again as they launch the brand new single ‘Think Of Me’.

Although The Veronicas took a little break from recording music, the new single sounds very much in line with the 2016 singles. ‘Think Of Me’ is a well produced, smooth pop track with impeccable hooks throughout the tune. The melodies are dangerously instant, making it sound familiar as soon as the second time you hear it. In the lyrics the sisters describe a toxic relationship that ended. In the first verse, they seem to miss the person that they broke up with, having them wonder if they think of them too. In the middle-eight however, they do realize that they are better off without. They even wonder out loud if their ex-lover thinks about the ‘way they gave them head’! We don’t hear explicit lyrics like that in such a bright pop chorus often, but they must have thought that they can do whatever Lily Allen can do too. ‘Think Of Me’ is a tune either way and hopefully it will lead to an album.

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