Single Review: Jonas Brothers – Cool

Jonas Brothers continue comeback with another catchy tune
After years of solo projects and a hiatus as a band, the Jonas Brothers made their long awaited comeback earlier this year. They launched the insanely catchy, contemporary pop tune ‘Sucker’ with an eye-catching video. The follow up ‘Cool’ uses the same formula. It is a midtempo track with a laidback vibe on which Nick again takes the lead vocals. The second verse is for Joe while Kevin does not get any solos and considerably less screen time in the accompanying video. Without the playful visuals of the video in which the guys don’t take themselves too seriously, the lyrics of the chorus about how cool they feel are slightly cringy. In that sense, ‘Sucker’ was more effortlessly cool and had a stronger hook. ‘Cool’ does have some fun references going on in the verses though. They name drop Game of Thrones (the series in which Joe’s partner Sophie Turner plays a major role) and Nick’s album Last Year Was Complicated (‘Now that we made it, how complicated was last year?’). This playful comeback is entertaining to say the least and the brothers seem to be having an excellent time!

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