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Kobi Marimi represents host country Israel with aptly titled ballad
After Netta’s convincing victory last year at the Eurovision Song Contest with her infectious and instantly memorable tune ‘Toy’, Israel will host this year’s event in Tel Aviv. Singer and actor Kobi Marimi, who actually lives in Tel Aviv, won the talent show that leads to representing Israel in Eurovision. The 27-years-old singer will be performing the aptly titled ballad ‘Home’ on home soil. In the past two years the host countries failed to make any impression on the final scoreboard (Portugal finished last the year they hosted and Ukraine 24th). Will Israel be able to do better?

Kobi Marimi brings a classic ballad that starts out quietly and understated, but builds to a dramatic hook in the chorus in which Marimi gets the chance to show off the range of his deep vocals. The climax of the song is satisfying enough, although the whole thing does feel slightly old fashioned. The good news is that Kobi Marimi proved on stage at Eurovision In Concert that he has the voice and the stage personality to give this song even more power life. I can’t see a lot of televoters vote for this, but juries should be able to appreciate his vocal skills and emotive performance.

The fact that Israel is hosting this year’s contest was met with quite some controversy with groups asking for a boycott, because of the political situation in the country. Let us hope that this will not affect Kobi’s chances at a decent result, because based on his song and the performances we have seen so far he deserves to at least have a place in the top 20. At least we don’t have to worry about Israel having to host next year again…

Review on final performance and result:
Kobi Marimi had the honour of representing the hosting country and he did so with all his heart. He delivered an outstanding vocal performance of the traditional ballad ‘Home’ and even got all emotional right at the end. It was beautiful to hear the whole arena sing along with him. He never really stood a chance to bring Israel back to the top of the scoreboard for a second year in a row, but the last place without any points of the juries is kind of ridiculous. The televoters put him 19th, which gave the 23rd spot overall. Well, at least no one will ever be able to take that moving moment on stage away from him!


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