Single Review: Bastille – Doom Days

bastille doom days

Bastille warn us that the ‘Doom Days’ are coming
It has been quite hard to keep track of the career of Bastille recently. The British brand launched their most recent album Wild World in 2016, but released soundtrack single ‘World Gone Mad’ a new mixtape, collaborations with Marshmello, Seeb and Craig David and the single ‘Quarter Past Midnight’ ever since. They also decided to do the Still Avoiding Tomorrow tour before properly kicking off a new era. Leading man Dan Smith dropped the news that the upcoming third album (hopefully out in 2019) will be titled Doom Days and today they release the title track!

‘Doom Days’ seems to be more of a teaser for the new project than a proper lead single with its lack of a proper chorus and a length of only two minutes and a half. The track kicks of with a guitar rhythm over which Dan describes the state of our world in a dark and hopeless manner. The pace picks up with every sentence and his hypnotic delivery that mixes rapping with singing starts to explode into a more expressive manner while drum beats appear too. In the lyrics it becomes clear that Dan chooses escapism with his partner, focusing on each other instead of worrying about what goes on in the world around them. This is the relatable, slightly dark content we expect from Bastille! Bastille announces the ‘Doom Days’ are coming and we are saying: “Bring ’em on!”

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