Single Review: Kim Petras – Broken

kim petras broken

Kim Petras launches new single ‘Broken’
Kim Petras easily has enough material for her debut album by now, but she and her team opted for different release strategies. After a long string of singles including the poptastic ‘Heart To Break’ and ‘Hillside Boys’, she launched the Turn Off The Lights Vol. 1 EP especially for Halloween. Earlier this year she returned with a triple single including Sophie collaboration ‘1,2,3 Dayz Up’. These three tunes were described as the end of an era in her career, so we should assume that new single ‘Broken’ is the start of the next one!

Although Petras has mostly grabbed our attention with shiny pop bangers, she tries to broaden her horizon with a slower track this time around. ‘Broken’ is a ballad with a contemporary trap pop production, reminiscent of tunes like Halsey’s ‘Without Me’ and Ariana Grande’s lastest work. Compared to most of her work, ‘Broken’ sounds a bit predictable and slightly on the safe side, but it might help her gain a bigger audience. At the same time, it does not posess that same emotional power that Halsey’s hit did. ‘Broken’ is a decent enough ballad with some nice hooks and servicable vocals, but it is not as memorable as most of Petras’s earlier work.

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