Single Review: Kim Petras – Got My Number

kim petras got my number

Kim Petras launches new single ‘Got My Number’
Kim Petras is highly productive this year. The German born pop star just released her fifth new solo track of 2019. After the triple single around ‘1,2,3 Dayz Up’ and last week’s ballad ‘Broken’, she launches ‘Got My Number’ this week. I am happy to report she is back in bop territory! The tune channels Kim’s inner Charli XCX in her vocal delivery, while the production in the verses echoes  Mariah Carey’s subtly upbeat , breezy R&B arrangements of the noughties. The outro serves a pace change and a more electro pop inspired sound. Petras’s vocal delivery is playful and ‘Got My Number’ is simply a very catchy tune. I would so bop to this on a night out!

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