Single Review: Kylie Minogue – New York City

kylie minogue new york city

Kylie Minogue releases ‘New York City’ before new Greatest Hits
Kylie Minogue came back swinging last year when she heavily flirted with country on her latest album Golden. The Australian pop star toured the world with that record and during those shows she performed a new tune titled ‘New York City’ in a medley with ‘Raining Glitter’ and ‘On A Night Like This’. Earlier this week, Minogue announced that she is going to release another greatest hits collection titled Step Back In Time. ‘New York City’ is a bonus track and it is out now!


Kylie leaves the country inspired pop behind for a bit and returns to what she knows best; upbeat synth pop with disco influences. ‘New York City’ has some clear influences from the 80s and sounds like it could have been a part of any of her late nineties or noughties albums. The production is punchy and Kylie’s vocals are autotuned to match the electronic vibe of it all. That middle-eight is an awesome twist and the last chorus goes off! Sure ‘New York City’ won’t go down in history as one of Kylie’s strongest tracks, but it sure is a nice addition to this upcoming greatest hits collection, for the fans that already own most of Kylie’s releases.

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