Single Review: Netta – Nana Banana

netta nana banana

Eurovision winner Netta releases her third single
Rehearsals for Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv are in full force and the reason the contest moved there is Netta’s victory last year with ‘Toy’. The pop artist took her sweet time to come up with new material, but finally dropped her first post contest single ‘Bassa Sababa’ earlier this year. Just in time for her performance in the grand final, she now unleashes third single ‘Nana Banana’. The track sports a more laidback rhythm than her first two, but her attitude is as upbeat and outspoken as always. The track has some hiphop and even reggae influences in the production, but the vocal delivery is typical for the Israeli singer. I have to admit, the first time I heard the chorus with the line “nana banana, I do what I wanna”, I thought it was a bit too simple and almost childish. It somehow missed the playfulness and tongue-in-cheek character of her previous tracks, but ‘Nana Banana’ redeems itself somewhat later on. There is some pace changes and the pre-chorus would actually have served as a pretty decent chorus too, so melodically she delivers again. Not Netta’s strongest release yet, but the build up in the production saves it from becoming too predictable and infantile.

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