Single Review: Halsey – Nightmare

halsey nightmare.png

Halsey follows up ‘Without Me’ with explosive new single ‘Nightmare’
Halsey’s already successful career had a significant boost late last year when her single ‘Without Me’ became a massive international hit. Although she did some collaborations ever since, she is finally ready to follow up the smash hit with another solo track. She chose the explosive track ‘Nightmare’ that sure is a little less radiofriendly and on trend, but all the more interesting for it.

Let’s start by saying there is a whole lot going on in the production of ‘Nightmare’. Halsey worked on the song with Benny Blanco, Happy Perez and Cashmere Cat and what they created somehow echoes the vibe of early noughties t.A.T.u.. There is a similar punk pop attitude going on as well as the electronic rock sound. The chorus hits hard and the composition keeps delivering hooks from start to finish. Lyrically, the song could be described as Halsey by the numbers. If you would ask someone to write a song text that could be Halsey’s, they might actually come up with sentences like “I’m no sweet dream, but I’m a hell of a night”. It totally fits her persona and the aggressive vibe of the song. Halsey is on a roll with another single that is up there with her best work to date.

She also immediately dropped the eye catching music video with a lot of big pop star moments in it!

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