Single Review: Madonna – Future (feat. Quavo)



Madonna teams up with Quavo on fourth Madame X track
Madonna keeps them coming! She is currently dropping a new track of her upcoming album Madame X every single week. She started out last month with lead single ‘Medellín’ with Maluma and followed up two weeks ago with ‘I Rise’. Last week she shared the super catchy trap tune ‘Crave’. Now it time for ‘Future’, a collaboration with Migos rapper Quavo. It is a sunny, laidback tune with catchy trumpet like sounds in the chorus. There is some hiphop and reggae influences noticeable, but it is all about the infectious pop hook in the chorus.”Not everyone is coming to the future, not everyone is coming from the past. Not everyone can come into the future, not everyone that’s here is gonna last”, she sings with a heavily autotuned voice. The same goes for Quavo’s rap parts. The lyrics are strong and the hook is certainly there, but I am not sure if I see the hit potential. Madonna will perform the song in front of a potential 200 million tv audience during the final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday night. Get that promo!

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