Single Review: Kensington – Bats

kensington bats

Kensington debuts updated sound on new single ‘Bats’
Kensington is back with new music! The popular Dutch rock band took quite a break from releasing as their most recent album Control was released almost three years ago. To promote that record they played many festivals and the biggest concert venues in the Netherlands. They recently went to Canada to record new material and the single ‘Bats’ is the very first taste. They present a fresh sound for them that still feels quintessentially Kensington.

‘Bats’ is one of those records that does not have a strong seperation between verse and chorus. Every part of this song is almost equally catchy and memorable. The track immediately starts out with vocals over punchy drums and a laidback rhythm. Singer Eloi’s vocals find room to shine in the verses with some raw chants, while the strack slowly but steadily works towards a bright, poppy chorus. It does not necessarily cause an explosion in the production, but it still feels like a moment in the song. Somehow this song feels less rock oriented, because of a different rhythm and vibe while the instrumentation and vocals make this instantly recognizable as a Kensington tune. It is refreshing yet staying true to their sound as a band, which is the perfect start of a new era if you ask me!

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