Albums by Eurovision 2019 artists you don’t want to miss


Eurovision 2019 is over and Duncan Laurence from the Netherlands managed to grab the victory. While he wrote a lot of beautiful songs which he performed live, he has not yet recorded and released them. If you can’t get enough of Eurovision 2019, I help you out by listing this year’s artists who did actually drop an album around their Eurovision participation!

Mahmood – Gioventù Bruciata
Out of all the Eurovision artists performing this year who released an album around their participation, Mahmood hands down made the best one. The Italian runner-up has got even more to offer than the excellent track ‘Soldi’. The album Gioventù Bruciata serves an eclectic mix of styles all performed by Mahmood’s hypnotic vocals. On the title track and ‘Il Nilo Nel Naviglio’ he mixes more traditional ballad melodies with contemporary productions while ‘Uramaki’ gives us an undeniable anthemic pop chorus.

On ‘Remo’ he experiments with heavy electronic beats while ‘Mai Figlio Unico’ has him rapping his verses, but belting out over a fast paced beat in the chorus. ‘Milano Good Vibes’ and ‘Sabbie Mobili’ are two of the seemingly more carefree and uplifting tunes on the record. The melodies are impeccable from start to finish and every single track tells a story about Mahmood’s personal life, like ‘Soldi’ taught us about his upbringing and family. This flawless ten track debut (plus a ‘Soldi’ remix) is hopefully the first of many more to come from this incredible talent!

John Lundvik – My Turn EP
John Lundvik brought Sweden yet another top 5 result in Eurovision 2019 and just weeks before the contest he dropped his long awaited debut EP. Other than the swinging soul of ‘Too Late For Love’ and the traditional musical-like ballad ‘My Turn’ with which he tried to win Melodifestivalen (Sweden’s Eurovision preselection) last year, he also has a potential summer hit ready. ‘Loving You’ is a catchy little tune with a warm summer vibe. He also gives us 90s boyband realness with guitar ballad ‘Say I Do’ and shows a little glimpse of his more funky side on pop banger ‘Sucker For Ya’. It is never too late for a decent debut EP!

ZalaGasper – Stiri EP
ZalaGasper from Slovenia enchanted the Eurovision audience with their intimate performance of understated electro pop song ‘Sebi’. They carry the same vibe on their debut four track EP that collects their singles so far. The songs are all in Slovenian and Zala’s dreamy vocals sound absolutely hypnotizing on every single one of them. The productions are light and soar from time to time. This is a precious little EP that showcases their unique style!

Bilal Hassani – Kingdom
Bilal Hassani might not have reached the spot in top 10 he so thoroughly deserved (he finished 16th instead), but he has an album out to promote now! The record counts fourteen more tracks other than ‘Roi’ and mixes the French and English language throughout all songs. Hassani also masters the art of mixing different styles throughout his record. He serves electro pop (‘Poison’) tropical bops (‘Qui Cala’), heartfelt power ballads (‘The Flow’ and ‘Over You’) and trap inspired pop and hip hop hybrids (‘Boom x3’) while he channels his inner RuPaul on the absolutely fabulous tune ‘Basic’. Both ‘Jaloux’ and ‘Fais Beleck’ are absolute bops in their own right, bringing the hooks, but with completely different vibes. They are clearly two of the highlights of Hassani’s well-produced, modern, diverse yet cohesive debut record.

Paenda – Evolution II
Austria’s Paenda did not reach her full potential with a shaky performance of her stripped back tune ‘Limits’, ending up almost last in her semi-final. Fear not, if ‘Limits’ was not your cup of tea, you might still enjoy her second album Evolution II. The vast majority of the tunes on the record are upbeat electro pop productions. ‘So Loud’ echoes the signature style of Flume while the sultry sound on ‘Like A Domino’ actively flirts with R&B. Tunes like ‘Filler’ and ‘Everything I’m Not’ serve unapologetic big pop choruses and that is just how we like it! ‘Limits’, although a beautiful little song, is not at all representative of the upbeat electronic pop sound of Paenda.

Tulia – Tulia
The four ladies of Tulia only just missed a spot in the grand final of Eurovision. With their ‘Fire of Love’ they finished 11th with a difference of only two points. The band already dropped their debut album a while before Eurovision, but recorded some extra material to turn it into a deluxe edition which features the Polish-English version of their Eurovision tune and even a cover of Metallica’s iconic ‘Nothing Else Matters’. If you appreciate their distinctive vocal style, this album has a lot to offer!

Jurijus – Mano Sapnuose
Lithuanian pop star Jurijus was unfortunate enough to end up on the 11th spot in the second semi-final missing out on a place in the grand final by just one point with his ‘Run With The Lions’. He was smart enough to launch an album the week of Eurovision (get that promo) and it features eight tracks and some acoustic versions and remixes. The tracks are performed in his mother tongue (except for his Eurovision tune of course) and he serves some slick synth pop tunes like ‘Sapnuose’, Prisimink’ and ‘Skirtingi Pasauliai’, a duet with Inga. Most of the tracks are more upbeat than his mellow Eurovision track actually and we like that!

Tamta – Best Of
Tamta, deliverer of bops who represented Cyprus with the addictive ‘Replay‘, did not release a new album around Eurovision, but we have her big back catalogue to discover. The Georgian born singer with a big career in Greece released her debut record back in 2006 and has kept busy ever since. In 2017 she released a Best Of record which features her hits from ‘Ftes’ until ‘More Than A Summer Love’ (the English version of ‘Ilious Ke Thalasses’). She sings both in Greek and in English and dropped bops throughout her career. If you aren’t familiar with her work yet, definitely check out absolute tunes like ‘Agapise Me’, ‘Pare Me’ and ‘Unloved’.

Kate Miller-Heidke – Best Of
Australian pride Kate Miller-Heidke gave her country another top 10 result with a spectacular performance of her song ‘Zero Gravity’. She launched her first album back in 2007 and has kept them coming ever since. Just so you know, Kate does not always do bonkers opera and pop mash ups! She has a very diverse discography that was collected on a 2016 Best Of record. ‘The Last Day On Earth’ was her biggest hit. This touching ballad brings artists like Kate Bush and Regina Spektor to mind. Alternative singer-songwriter pop at its finest! Pieces like ‘O Vertigo!’ also sound inspired by Bjork at times. Her absolutely gorgeous and extremely versatile voice keeps everything perfectly together. Oh her mind!


If you still haven’t had enough of Eurovision stars, Eleni Foureira (Cyprus 2018) and Lena (Germany 2010 & 2011) recently dropped new material too!




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