EP Review: Miley Cyrus – She Is Coming (track by track)

miley cyrus she is coming

Miley returns with new EP; two more to follow
It is just over two years ago that Miley Cyrus chose a new direction in her career with the single ‘Malibu’. The album Younger Now with a country pop inspired sound followed a couple of months later, but did not reach the success she and her team must have hoped for. She went back into the studio to record new material and the first taste was Mark Ronson collaboration ‘Nothing Breaks Like A Heart’ which was released at the very end of last year. The track became an international hit and Miley is now ready to move on with new solo material. Today she dropped the six track EP She Is Coming, the first of three. Later this year she will treat us to She Is Here and She Is Everything and the 18 tracks will together form the album She Is Miley Cyrus.

The first EP starts out with the track ‘Mother’s Daughter’ which is the one pushed on the Spotify New Music Friday playlists. The track is produced by Andrew Wyatt and co-written by Finnish pop star Alma. The production is somewhat similar to The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’, but the vibe is way more pop-rock oriented than the R&B beats suggest. It is an interesting mix with an in-your-face and loud chorus and some proper attitude in the lyrics. This is what I would imagine it would sound like when Sky Ferreira and Tove Lo melted their sounds and made it suitable for miss Cyrus. Needless to say it is a tune and a half!

The next track ‘Unholy’ is only two minutes and ten seconds long, but to dismiss it as an interlude would be a mistake. This track brings back the hiphop beats to Miley’s sound. The production by John Cunningham and Jasper Sheff has a laidback rhythm over which Miley admits she is a little drunk, about to get high as hell and a little bit unholy. She does not see the problem with that because ‘so what, so is everything else’. The thing I don’t see a problem with is that undeniable hook. Well played Miley!

Next up is ‘D.R.E.A.M.’ (short for Drugs Rule Everything Around Me’) and we continue with the laidback hiphop beats, be it a bit deeper this time. It samples Wu-Tang Clan’s ‘C.R.E.A.M.’. Her vocals are fine and the somewhat ominous vibe in the track is cool, but the drugs related lyrics sound like she is trying a bit too hard to sound edgy. Ghostface Killah’s rap unfortunately misses the mark too. She invited RuPaul for the tune ‘Cattitude’, but in fairness he took over the track completely. It sounds more like something that would belong on his album. The two rap over a house beat, but the lyrics are cringe worthy at times and this messy part of the Bangerz era is not something I was hoping would come back.

Cyrus performs a duet with Swae Lee on the Mike WiLL Made-It produced ‘Party Up The Street’. After collaborating with Madonna, Camila Cabello and Ellie Goulding, this is easily Swae Lee’s best pop feature so far. His vocals sound heavenly over the ethereal and rich production of the track that at the same time offers an intimate and subdued experience. Miley is not exactly known for her light and dreamy vocals usually, but that is exactly what she serves here. Their vocals melt beautifully together in the atmospheric chorus and if that all was not enough, violins kick in towards the end. This whole tune was totally unexpected for me, but might be the best thing on this whole EP!

She Is Coming ends on another high with the stunning ballad ‘The Most’. The track is not completely stripped back as Mark Ronson and BJ Burton gave the production a bit of bite, but still leaves Miley enough room to belt her heart out about not treating the person that loves her most well enough. This EP shows off once more how Miley Cyrus should not limit herself to one genre, but this eclectic mix of influences suits her. This collection of track is certainly not flawless, but it shows she is experimenting and maturing as an artist and does deliver some absolute gems like ‘Party Up The Street’ and ‘Mother’s Daughter’.

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